Carpet Cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning Broadmeadows

We are carpet cleaning experts in Broadmeadows and we get the job done with ease as we have a professional team to deliver services. Call us now and book your carpet or rug cleaning job booked.

Clean carpets can enhance the beauty and comfort of a home or workplace. A room with a clean, fresh-smelling carpet is a pleasant and comfortable environment, and can speak volumes about the overall cleanliness of a home or office. With the help of the professional carpet cleaning services from the Expert Cleaning Company in Broadmeadows, you can actually keep the appearance of your carpets lush and fresh.

Reasons to hire us

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we are the number one professional carpet cleaning company in Melbourne. Our comprehensive carpet cleaning process provides you with,

  • Value for money & proven techniques

  • Stain-free carpeting and rugs

  • Industry-powered equipment

  • Qualified & insured technicians

  • Expertise in carpet protection

  • Allergen-free home environment

With our professional cleaning services, we decrease the risk of health hazards by eliminating the dirt, molds and bacteria from the carpet and also helps to bring out carpets original colour.

You may find may other cleaning company in Broadmeadows and they might be offering cheap carpet cleaning service but if you are looking for top quality service then you should contact us now.

Services by Expert Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning and stain removal services are sought after for the advanced and eco-friendly solutions and techniques they incorporate. We have been practicing as the best carpet cleaning method in Melbourne for over 6 years.  The carpet cleaning methods we employ are:

  • Steam Cleaning: We use a high-end carpet hot water extraction cleaning technique for appropriate cleaning.  It is an effective stain removal method, which cleans the carpet fibres deeply.

  • Dry Cleaning: In this method, we use some moisture through a machine for rich cleaning of the carpet. It is also recommended for less contaminated or delicate carpets. 

  • Rug cleaning – The rug cleaning process depends on the type of rug you have and the fibre.

Silk, cotton and synthetic rugs require a standard cleaning procedure, which includes an inspection, dry vacuuming, an initial washing, agitation using a rotary brush, and then hot water extraction or dry cleaning.

Whether your carpet or rug got flooded with water or just dirty due to long use or drop of food or other stuff, just give us a call today and we will handle all these and will provide you the best cleaning experience.

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